Cow Signals

Look, Think, Act!


The CowSignals model uses the look-think-act principle to understand the basic needs of the cow and recognise early disease signals and understand the concepts of health management, housing and feeding.

The CowSignals concept provides a comprehensive evaluation of how your cows interact with their daily environment, assessing their demands for housing, food and care.

The core CowSignals principles were devised in Holland by Joep Driessen in 2000 and have been refined and developed into the present internationally recognised package of knowledge and skills. Cows continuously send out signals: about their health, well-being and performance. The art is to perceive these signals and use them. CowSignals helps the farmers to interpret these signals and make the right decisions.

Key Question - Do you really see what your cows are telling you?

Chris Price is a CowSignals master trainer and is able to provide practical CowSignals training workshops for individual farms or for companies, discussion groups, vets, advisers or other interested organisations.

The CowSignals approach is incorporated into much of Chris's day to day work, and can form an excellent basis for gaining a herd health overview.

No nonsense, keep it simple approach: Look, Think, Act!