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Our Service

Here at Drove Farm Vets we provide veterinary care and advice in all areas of sheep health and production, both on the farm and at facilities at our main hospital.

Our veterinary services aim to increase the welfare and performance of all sheep under our care and we cater for clients of any sheep numbers from smallholders to large commercial flocks.

Drove Farm Vets are also keen to help educate and improve training in all aspects of sheep farming and as part of this we produce a quarterly sheep newsletter which is composed of topical articles, case studies and current parasite forecasts.

Upcoming farmer training courses and friendly group discussion meetings are

also advertised in the newsletter.

Excellence in Livestock care

Advancing and synchronising breeding has many benefits. These include, achieving premium prices for Easter lambs, creating even batches of lambs for ease of marketing, managing feeding and housing more effectively, and allowing labour to be managed more efficiently.

There are different options for advancing and synchronising breeding. If you wish to discuss these in more detail then please contact the farm office on 01793 501 499.

When scanning percentages are reduced and there is an increase in the barren ewe rate, it is easy to forget that the cause of the problem may well lie with the ram.

Drove Farms Vets offer thorough ram Breeding Soundness Examinations (BSE) with the use of electro-ejaculation. We recommend that these examinations are carried out approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the intended mating period. This allows early identification of a sub fertile or infertile ram, thus allowing sufficient time to source a replacement ram prior to breeding.

Drove Farm Vets would recommend that ALL breeding rams are tested on an annual basis to give you accurate information on each ram’s breeding potential for each season.

To find out more on Ram Fertility Testing please contact the Farm Office on 01793 501499.

Health Planning is an essential aspect of all farming enterprises but is often under used and under valued. Drove Farm Vets believe a flock health plan is an important tool to improve flock productivity and performance, whilst maintaining high standards of animal welfare.

Our health plans are produced following a consultancy visit which takes place on farm. These visits allow us to perform a thorough analysis of each enterprise highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. This is assisted by evaluating production data and assessing overall antibiotic usage. Our findings are detailed in a written report and our short and long term recommendations are discussed.

These completed health plans are wholly compliant with drug prescribing laws and farm assurance schemes.

To find out more or to book your Consultancy Visit please call the Farm Office on 01793 501499.

Drove Sheep Club launched in 2016 and has in the last three years, through member input and consultation, evolved into a proactive and practical discussion group.

Meetings are held three times a year to discuss relevant seasonal topics. Sheep Club membership includes a free place on one of our sheep workshops. The current workshops include our popular hands on lambing course, responsible use of sheep wormers, lameness in sheep, and sheep nutrition.

Members have three routine vet visits per year, where the visit fee is free of charge. These visits are targeted at pre-lambing, post-lambing and pre-tupping. They are an opportunity for members to use time with the vet to investigate any issues, whilst using tools such as metabolic profiling, body condition scoring, blood sampling for infectious diseases and data analysis. Information gained from these visits allows a more proactive approach to improving performance.

These visits will also provide us with the information we require to leave you with an approved red tractor flock health plan, which is included in the membership fee. Members will receive a 10% discount on routine vet work which includes; veterinary time, worm egg counts, post mortem examinations, ram vasectomies, and ram breeding soundness exams. Please note that any emergency work is chargeable at normal rates.

For more information on the Drove Sheep Club please contact the Farm Office on 01793 501499.

At Drove Farm Vets we are passionate about farmer education and training which has led us to develop workshops for our clients to participate in. Alongside our longstanding, hands on lambing course we run many other workshops including responsible use of sheep wormers, lameness in sheep, and sheep nutrition.

Workshop dates are announced throughout the year on the Client Training page of our Website, Facebook and Twitter.

For more information on Sheep workshops please contact the Farm Office on 01793 501499

Drove Farm Vets' lambing course is designed both as a starting point for beginners or as a refresher for experienced farmers. The course runs in February each year and involves theory based and practical learning.

Drove appreciate that a smaller group learning experience makes for more effective learning and so we have a maximum of 8 participants at a time on this course. Topics covered include the benefits of scanning, pre-lambing vaccinations, various stages of labour, care of the newborn lamb and possible diseases of both the ewe and lamb around lambing time.

Participants also get hands on lambing experience with our popular lambing simulator, where we simulate different lambing presentations which may be encountered using fresh cadaver specimens.

For more information on Lambing courses please contact the Farm Office on 01793 501499.

At Drove Farm Vets, we recognise the importance of responsible worming to preserve the efficacy of worming products available to the sheep industry. Anthelmintic resistance is a growing problem in the sheep industry, and each year we see reduced growth rates and lamb losses due to worm burdens and wormer resistance.

Many farms in the UK now have resistance to one or multiple groups of wormers, most commonly group 1 and 3. In order to avoid unnecessary worming and resistance, Drove Farm Vets recommend worm egg counts which are performed in house. These are used to look for roundworm burdens, whilst the presence of Coccidial oocysts can be checked for at the same time. Clients then only worm where egg count results indicate that this is necessary.

Members of Drove Sheep Club will receive a 10% discount on this service.

For more information on worm egg counts please contact the Farm Office on 01793 501499.