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Vet Tech Service

Our Service

Drove Farm Vets offers a Vet Tech Service supporting our clients with extra labour to help improve and maintain high herd and flock health.

Our vet techs work alongside our clinical vets to deliver a high quality service to all clients.

Life on farm is getting busier, sometimes with less labour available, which can leave our farmers with less time to effectively implement some important health care strategies. Additional help in certain areas can make a huge difference.

Working closely with the vet team, our vet techs are able to provide the following services to ensure profitability and efficiency within your herd or flock.

To find out more about our Vet Tech service please contact the Farm Office on 01793 501499.

Excellence in Livestock care

Mobility scoring is often now a mandatory requirement as part of your milk contract. Our vet techs have been trained through AHDB courses and are all approved members of the Registered Mobility Scorers (RoMS). They can perform regular mobility scoring sessions or independent annual assessments.

Following their visit, a report will be generated and emailed to you for your records. Liasing with your routine vet, our vet techs will offer suggestions on improving lameness within your herd.

Optimising body condition of your herd will help maximise profitability. Body Condition Scoring (BCS) is a practical means of assessing the nutritional status of your herd.

Dairy cows have two crucial periods for assessment of body condition; at calving and during early lactation. Achieving correct body condition at calving is important in order to avoid calving difficulties and losses. While in early lactation it is important to prevent excessive weight loss when meeting the extra nutritional demands of high yielding cows. BCS of beef cattle is equally beneficial and can have a huge impact on subsequent rebreeding performance.

Our vet techs are able to offer BCS service which can help monitor changes that impact on health and fertility. A report generated will help flag individual cows that may need extra attention.

From colostrum management through to regular weighing sessions of growing animals our vet techs can provide a tailor made bespoke service to suit your needs.

Our vet techs have the equipment to weigh calves from birth to weaning. By monitoring growth weights underlying issues come to light which can then be investigated further along with veterinary input and use of the Calf Tracker programme.

Regular weighing of replacement heifers will ensure they are reaching weight targets well before service periods begin and before it is too late to alter their management.

Our Vet Tech disbudding service is extremely popular, with farmer’s recognising the advantages of extra help with this management practice.

Our Vet Tech can quickly and efficiently disbud batches of calves to help save labour on your farm.

Use of pain relief at this time has been shown to reduce stress and help maintain feed intake which is vital for achieving target DLWG.

Teat Scoring performed regularly can highlight problems with machinery or milking practice before problems arise. Our vet techs can provide a teat scoring service with written reports, building up data to analyse and act upon if required.

Our trained vet techs can help at the stressful time of vaccinating stock, ensuring the right animals get the prescribed vaccine at the right time in the right way. They will produce suitable records for you including ear tag numbers, vaccine used, amounts, batch numbers and expiry dates.

Any second doses and annual boosters will be booked in automatically.

A variety of sampling for diagnostic testing can be performed by our vet techs. This may include blood sampling or collecting sterile milk samples at convenient times for you.

Regular worm egg counts (WEC) are vital to reduce the unnecessary use and cost of wormers. Our vet techs are fully qualified SQPs and Animal Health Advisors which enables them to utilise WEC results and recommend appropriate treatment protocols.

Our vet techs are also available to worm your herd or flock and apply fly control products throughout the season.

Our vet techs have all passed the Defra accredited AI course and are available to AI cows and heifers on a pre-planned synchronisation programme.

Drove Farm Vets have handling equipment available for hire along with our trained vet techs for when facilities and staff are lacking.

Having the correct equipment and facilities and enough staff on the day ensures TB testing, for example, runs smoothly and efficiently making life that bit easier.