Club Meetings

All four of our discussion groups have now successfully held Zoom meetings for their members.

Unfortunately due to the current Covid-19 situation our DEW, Beef, Sheep and Smallholders Club have been unable to have their usual meetings and farm walks.

However, the show must go on, so all our meetings moved online!

Ella held the first meeting for Beef Club which covered the internal parasites of cattle.

Emily was next with Sheep Club, where Andrew Tyrer from Zoetis discussed sheep fertility and oestrus synchronisation of ewes.

Then, in August, Meg hosted the Smallholders Club meeting which focused on medicines and oestrus synchronisation.

Finally, on Monday, Alex was joined by Mark from MSD and they discussed salmonella control in cattle and calf scour with the DEW Club.

We hope that everyone found the meetings interesting and we hope to see you all soon!

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