Sheep Scab Meeting

Last night Meg, Emily, Ella and several Drove clients attended a meeting about sheep scab at The Bear in Hungerford.

Sheep scab is a form of dermatitis caused by the faeces of the mite Psoroptes ovis and is endemic in England.

Not only does scab have serious implications for the welfare of your flock, but also can have huge economic implications.

The meeting covered all aspects of sheep scab from clinical signs and diagnosis to the different treatment options.

There are only two treatment options available for sheep scab organophosphate (OP) plunge dips and injectable macrocyclic lactones. It was highlighted in the meeting that there has been confirmed resistance in sheep scab mites to injectable macrocylic lactones!

The vets and clients alike found the meeting very informative, if you have any concerns or questions about sheep scab please phone the farm office on 01793 522 483.

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